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SunRunner Signature 25MPPT/6/PRO Core

SunRunner Signature 25MPPT/6/PRO Core
SunRunner Signature 25MPPT/6/PRO Core

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This is one of our most popular systems ...
for some very good reasons.

With its heavier 6 gauge wire harness between the roof combiner box and the batteries, the upgrade to the IPN Pro Remote and 30 amp circuit breaker, you will be able to regulate up to 400 watts of solar power with high efficiency. We have 1,000s of satisfied customers who have gone this route with very good results.

To complete this system, study this System Overview. You will see that you need to add a Combiner Box and the number of Solar Panel Kits you want. You may also choose to add Tilt Bars for increased output in Winter and a tube or two of DiCor sealant to seal the roof where the mount feet and roof combiner box are placed.

The Optional Add-Ons list to the right makes building a complete system easy AND, as an added bonus, gives you FREE Shipping on each item when bundled with the System Core!

1 - 2512iX MPPT Charge Controller


1 - Wall Box for the 2512iX controller

1 - IPNPro Full Feature Remote Meter with Battery Monitor


PLUS - A host of misc. parts necessary to complete the installation

~ Maximum Battery Charging Current = 25 amps

~ Maximum Open Circuit Voltage = 35 volts

~ Maximum (STC) PV Input = 300 watts @ 12 volts nominal
(when using Standard Test Condition ratings)

~ Maximum (NOCT) PV Input = 400 watts @ 12 volts nominal
(when using Normal Operating Cell Temperature ratings)

Price: $799.99


Optional Add-Ons

Enter quantity desired in boxes

Choose a Combiner Box:

#Refrigerator Vent C-Box @ $60.00
(use on side of Refrigerator vent)
#Roof C-Box @ $80.00
(use to combine solar panel output cables)

Choose the appropriate size and number of Solar Panel Kits you want:

#S-SF100 Solar Panel Kit @ $269.99
(for Signature and Gold System Cores)
#S-GS100 Solar Panel Kit @ $379.99
(for Signature & Gold System Cores)

Choose appropriate Tilt Bar Sets for the Solar Panel Kits you have chosen:

#15.5"/45˚ Tilt Bar Set @ $35.00
(for SF100 & GS100 Solar Panels)

DiCor Self Leveling Sealant:
(allow 1/3 tube per panel or Roof C-Box)

#DiCor Sealant @ $10.00

Subtotal: $0.00

Please call office: 541-726-1091 for ordering information. (Contact Us page)