Our Products

If you are a tax paying US Citizen ...

Know that the IRS has accepted RVs as second homes

 and you are eligible for the 30% Solar Tax Credit !

Our line of products are unique in the RV market. If we can't find some item already made to fit a need, then we'll have it custom built if necessary. As our knowledge and experience increases, our products evolve accordingly. So, check back once in a while to see what's new.

We test our products in actual use on RVs to make sure they are appropriate. You see, we actually live, work and play out of an RV for extended periods of time. We know what you are up against because we have probably been up against it ourselves at one time or another.

We also have a fully functioning Solar Powered Demonstration Board where you can see each of our controllers in action, along with three different monitors and a 2000 watt Magnum Inverter. This Demo System powers the office microwave, coffee grinder, coffee maker, small apt. size refrigerator, toaster oven and whatever else our crew wants to try.

We offer complete systems that are engineered for use on RVs and supply you with all the appropriate components you will need to have a successful experience the first time out.

If something should go wrong, we'll work with you until it's right and are completely satisfied or we'll give you your money back. We'll treat you like we want to be treated. There's no "passin' the buck" goin' on here!

Have a look at our products and systems, then give us a call if you seek some help or clarification. We're here to help you get what you need.