Controller + System Harness

The System Core is what takes power from the roof mounted combiner box and feeds it into your battery bank.  The essential components of a System Core include a wire harness, charge controller and fuse or breaker kit.  More elaborate System Cores include monitoring kits and disconnects.

The name of each SunRunnerTM System consists of a number representing the maximum current rating, "PWM" or "MPPT" referencing the type of charge controller used, and a forward slash followed by a number representing the wire gauge.  Therefore, a SunRunner 30PWM/10 system uses a 30 amp PWM charge controller with a system wiring harness that uses 10 gauge cable between the roof combiner box and the controller and also between the controller and the batteries. Likewise, a SunRunner 40MPPT/4 would be based on a 40 amp MPPT controller that uses 4 gauge cable for increased efficiency and lower voltage drop at higher currents. 

Our SunRunnerTM System designs are the result of 28 years of hands-on experience gained from selling, installing and living with these systems. We are constantly improving our designs and component offerings based on customer feedback and personal experience. If we can't find products to meet our needs, we task ourselves to build (or have built) a product to our specifications. Because of that, our systems are unique in the field. We have thousands of satisfied customers who are living, loving and playing in their RVs which are powered by AM Solar SunRunnerTM Systems.

Feel free to call us at 541.726.1091 if you need help selecting the SunRunnerTM System that best matches your needs.