SunRunner™ System Cores

We are now offering an increased range of systems to meet the needs of folks with varying levels of budgets. We realize that some folks are on a fixed or tight budget so we came up with our no frills SunRunner "Budget" Systems for you. Other budgets allow for a few more features and increased efficiency so we offer our SunRunner "Gold" Systems to that segment. Then there are those who want all the "bells and whistles" with maximum efficiency. For those we offer our SunRunner "Signature" Systems.

These system "cores" contain the charge controller, meter, wire harness and fuse or breaker necessary to efficiently handle the solar panel wattage you choose to put on your roof. This is where you should pay the most attention when comparing systems and where we stand out from the rest of the crowd. We know that most system problems and customer dissatisfaction are related to the wire harness. Because of this, our attention to detail and the quality of components we choose are second to none.


Our SunRunner System designs are forged from the steel of 28 years of hands-on experience gained from selling, installing and living with these systems. We are constantly improving our designs and component offerings as we live and learn. If we can't find products to meet our needs, we task ourselves to build (or have built) a product to our specification. Because of that, our systems are unique in the field. We have thousands of satisfied customers who are living, loving and playing in their RVs which are powered by SunRunner Systems supplied by AM Solar.


Each one of these SunRunner Systems ends in two numbers separated with a forward slash. After the first number you will see a "PWM" or an "MPPT". PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulated which is a tapering charge type of charging algorithm. MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking which is a Current Boosting type of controller that also has a tapering charge algorithm. 

Therefore ... a SunRunner 30PWM/10 means that the system is based on a 30 amp PWM charge controller with a system wiring harness that uses 10 gauge cable between the roof combiner box and the controller and also between the controller and the batteries. Likewise, a SunRunner 40MPPT/4 would be based on a 40 amp MPPT controller that uses 4 gauge cable between the combiner box and the controller and the controller and the batteries for increased efficiency and lower voltage drop.


We have a new way of choosing what is right for you so a little explanation will help you through the process. A quick read of the Buyer's Guide in the Education section of this site will help get you up to speed so you can choose wisely.

As always, if you find you need a little hand-holding through this process, give us a call @ 541-726-1091 and we will walk you through it.